Ghost Die - Die Penetrates A Metal Plate!  - Platform Size!

Ghost Die - Die Penetrates A Metal Plate! - Platform Size!

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Platform Size

Performer displays a wooden tube with cutouts, so spectators can see right through the tube. A metal plate passes through slots in the middle of the tube, dividing it in half, so nothing can go through.

He next displays a large Die, (filling the entire upper half of the tube) and drops it into the tube. As expected in rests on the plate in the upper half, fully visible through the cutouts. Yet with a simple magic pass, and no cover, the die is caused to penetrate visibly through the plate, now resting in the bottom half. It goes through the metal plate like a ghost through a closed door, – and it works like real magic! Well made props in metal and wood.

Illusion dimensions are 7 5/8" tall x 4½" wide (not including stand).
Die is 3¾" in diameter  

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