Covid-19 Update


Although we are well into a brand new year, we still have to stay diligent in keeping up our safety guidelines.  Remember to wash your hands frequently (and the proper length of time).  Try not to touch your face, mouth and nose.  Stay 6 feet apart from people not within your household and remember to wear a mask (wearing it properly covering your mouth and nose).  Following all these guidelines will help to slow the transmission of the virus and allow us to flatten the curve.  At Long's Super Store, we are following all of the same guidelines in our homes, store, warehouse and in public.  We are also using masks and gloves while picking and packaging your orders!  


Under normal circumstances, we ship the same or next business day.  However, as you know, we all are experiencing a "new normal".  These unprecedented times require us to take certain precautions that may require some extra time for order fulfillment.  Also, we ask that you please be patient when waiting for your items to arrive.  All shipping companies (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) have been negatively impacted by covid-19 as well.  Rest assured that we are partnering with all companies involved to get your orders delivered as soon as possible.  Please be patient as many businesses are constantly revising their business models in an attempt to stay ahead of this global pandemic.


All of us at Long's Super Store appreciate our customers greatly.  It is this type of patience, willingness and understanding with one another that will help us to emerge victorious from the clutches of this virus.

From our family to yours:  "Stay safe, healthy and be smart."

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