Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks by Keith Clark - paperback book
Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks by Keith Clark - paperback book
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Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks by Keith Clark - paperback book

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by Keith Clark


By Keith Clark. Ghostwritten by Jean Hugard. The definitive book on this unique branch of magic: cigarette manipulation! Every sleight imaginable is covered showing productions/vanishes of single and multiple cigarettes - lit or unlit. All kinds of photos and illustrations. 304 pages, 120,000 words of text, 300 actual photos. 30 pages of routines.  All gimmicks revealed. Equal to personal instructions.  Softcover, perfect bound. 

A shower of fire, presto, a lit cigarette in your hand! Toss it away, whoops, another cigarette, lit, and yet another. They keep coming. A burning lit cigarette is crushed in your hand and it vanishes into thin air. Cigarettes and more cigarettes. All this and more is yours with the purchase of "The Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks." Already an "Academy Award Winner." Literally everything in the world that there is to know about cigarettes and cigarette magic. 

Complete with all the cigarette magic using sleights, and without sleights, and all cigarette magic with gimmicks and without. It is complete, all encompassing. Truly a labor of a lifetime.

  • Preface To The First Edition
  • Foreword To The First Edition
  • Author's Preface To The First Edition
  • Editor's Preface To The Second Edition
  • Important Notice!
  • Chapter I: Introduction
    • I. The Cigarette
    • II. The Cigarette-Acts
    • III. Bibliography
  • Chapter II: Principles
    • I. The Principal Positions For Holding The Cigarette Openly
    • II. The Principal Positions For Holding The Cigarette Concealed In The Hand
    • III. Position For Keeping The Cigarette Concealed In The Mouth
  • Chapter III: Throwing
    • I. Throwing In The Air
    • II. Throwing Into The Other Hand
    • III. Throwing Into A Receptacle
    • IV. Throwing On The Floor
  • Chapter IV: Vanishes
    • I. Elementary Sleights
    • II. Open Hand Steals
    • III. Fist Vanishes (One Hand)
    • IV. Fist Vanishes (Two Hands)
    • V. Drop Sleights
    • VI. Tourniquets
  • Chapter V: Vanishes (Continued)
    • VII. Push-In Sleights
    • VIII. Tip-Tilts
    • IX. Slip Vanishes
  • Chapter VI: Special Vanishes And Transformations
    • I. Vanishes In Handkerchiefs
    • II. Annihilative Vanishes
    • III. Transformations
  • Chapter VII: Sleeving
    • I. General Principles
    • II. Vanishes
    • III. Transformations And Restorations
    • IV. Productions
  • Chapter VIII: Vanish Flourishes
  • Chapter IX: Secret Transfers
    • I. The Back And Front Sleights
    • II. Momentary Maskings
    • III. Secret Temporary Transfers
    • IV. Secret Transfers
  • Chapter X: Tonguing And Mouth Sleights
    • I. Straight Tonguing
    • II. Reverse Tonguing
    • III. Quantitative Tonguing
    • IV. Speech With Cigarette Tongued
    • V. Production Of Smoke
    • VI. Vanish, Exchange, Load, Reproduction, Production
    • VII. Drinking With Cigarette Tongued
  • Chapter XI: Productions, Reproductions And Multiplication
    • I. Reproductions
    • II. Multiplication
  • Chapter XII: Loads
    • I. Unlighted Cigarettes Or Dummies
    • II. Lighted Cigarettes
    • III. Ready-To-Light Cigarettes
    • IV. Mechanically Ignited Cigarettes
  • Chapter XIII: Steals
    • I. Generalities
    • II. Single Steals
    • III. Load Steals
  • Chapter XIV: Production Acts
    • I. Real Productions
    • II. Pseudo Productions
  • Chapter XV: Presentations And Routines
    • I. Presentation
    • II. The Opening
    • III. The Closing
    • IV. Construction Of The Routine
    • V. List Of Cigarette Tricks

                    9"x 6", 304 pages, softbound.  Published by D. Robbins.

By the way, some of these tips can be used with a Hot Rod, pencil, crayon, etc.

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