Coin Pot - Okito Gold Video Tutorial 23

Effect: The Magician displays a beautiful gold pot with a lid. He/She places several nickels into the pot and covers it with the lid. The pot is placed on the back of the Magician's hand. One quick peek under the lid proves that the coins are still there. However, in an instant, the coins have penetrated the pot, the Magician's hand, and materialized inside of his/her hand!


Secret and Preparation: The pot appears the same whether looking at the top or bottom. The top, however, is able to hold several coins. The bottom is only a recessed area that will hold one coin. Place one coin in this recessed area. You can attach it with glue or tape (tape is recommended). You can use double sided tape, or regular tape formed into a small circle so it will not only stick to the coin, but the recess area of the pot as well. Remember what side is placed in the “up” position (head or tails) because you will want to place the top coin in the same position when performing. Now, if the pot is filled with coins, it can secretly be turned over revealing the single coin, but it appears to be the same coins that were placed inside the pot. A perfect illusion. There are a couple of “secret” moves to make this work. The first one is the switch. Place the pot and lid on your outstretched hand... preferably on your fingers. Remove the lid and place the nickels inside until it is filled. Now replace the lid as follows... As you move over the pot to place the lid on top, that hand briefly covers the pot. While the pot is “hidden” simply start to close your fingers (like making a fist). This action will allow the pot to “roll” over as you place the lid on top. Now the coins are in the bottom position making it easy to pick up the pot off of your palm while closing it into a loose fist. If done properly, the audience will never see the coins hidden in your hand. Now you can place the pot on the back of the hand. Lift up the lid to show the “coins” are still there. A snap of the fingers and the coins have appeared inside of your hand! Now comes the second move. You have to show the pot “empty”... Hold the pot with the fingers in front and the thumb behind (palm down). Open the other hand so you can catch the pot as it falls. Allow the pot to fall while retaining the lid. The way the coin pot is made will allow it to “flip” as it lands on your hand showing the empty side. There is a certain knack to it, but if you practice this move a while you will get the hang of it. Practice different distances between the hands to learn the best distance for the move to work properly.

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